Garden Street Design Workshop 09/10/2014

Garden Street, a planned downtown street, will be a key roadway within City Center. It will connect Dorset Street (across from the existing southern University Mall entrance and between Trader Joe’s and Healthy Living) and Williston Road/Route 2 (at White Street). Garden Street will cross Market Street, City Center’s ‘Main Street’ and will connect to Williston Road via Midas Drive.  This is the first design workshop to collect public input on the proposal of a multi-disciplinary team led by Stantec Inc. to prepare the design, engineering and permitting plans for this street. The project’s design will include both services (utilities) and streetscape enhancements (sidewalks, lighting, and landscaping) with consideration for public spaces and any planned private development.


The design will build on the concepts expressed for City Center through planning efforts, including the proposed Form Based Codes street typologies, integration of ‘green infrastructure’ for stormwater, accommodation of multi-modal transportation systems, and place-making qualities, as well as traffic flow and engineering considerations.


Additional project background information may be viewed at

Burlington Telecom Advisory Committee and Board: Burlington Telecom Advisory Board 09/10/2014

The advisory board is made up of: David Provost, Pat Robins, David Parker, Joan Shannon, Karen Paul, and Vince Brennan.  Agenda:

Burlington Ward 6 NPA Meeting 09/04/2014

Neighborhood Planning Assemblies (NPAs) are grassroots, neighborhood organizations that were established in each of Burlington's seven Wards to encourage citizen participation in City government. Working as neighborhood advocacy groups, Neighborhood Planning Assemblies help improve communication between the citizens of Burlington and City government through regular meetings scheduled in each Ward. Ward 6 meets the first Thursday of the month. Meeting place: Greek Orthodox Church 600 South Willard Street.

Burlington School Commissioners: Summer Opportunities Academics and Enrichment Project (SOAR) 09/04/2014

Jim Drown, Director, BSD Summer SOAR Program and Christy Gallese, Extended Learning Director with the BSD, speak of the benefits of SOAR (Summer Opportunities Academics and enRichment) Program.  For more information visit the district web site:

Burlington CEDO Show: Burlington Community Justice Center 08/25/2014

Karen Vastine, Coordinator for the Burlington Community Justice Center and Sarah Kenney, Founding member of Old North End Safety Team and a Police Commissioner, talk about the North End Safety Team and the Isham Street event scheduled for September 13th.  Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. 

ECOS in Action: Equitable Public Engagement Strategies 08/21/2014

Emma Long, Communications Manager, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission is joined by Infinite Culcleasure, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission – Burlington (Alternate) and Sara Martinez de Osaba, Social Justice Advocate to discuss public engagement resources.  ECOS is a project of

Burlington Telecom Advisory Committee and Board: Burlington Telecom Advisory Board 08/13/2014


Burlington School Commissioners: School Issues 08/07/2014

Patrick Halladay interviews Victor Prussack, Coordinator of Magnet Schools & K-8 Registration, about Burlington Magnet Schools. 

For more information visit the district web site:

Burlington CEDO Show: Burlington's Housing Plan 07/28/2014

Brian Pine, Assistant Director for Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization hosts Jane Knodell, Ward 2 City Councilor and Chair of the City Council Community Development & Neighborhood Revitalization Committee and Erik Hoekstra, Development Manager, Redstone Commercial Group. Burlington CEDO Office's monthly show. 

Form Based Code - Severance Corners 07/24/2014

Sarah Hadd, Director of Colchester Planning and Zoning Department, shares insights into Colchester's 'Severance Corners' Development and form-based code as a means to accomplish the Town's developing Village Center.  more information:

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