Preservation Burlington: Corin Hirsch - Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England 02/27/2014

Colonial New England was awash in ales, beers, wines, cider and spirits. Everyone from teenage farmworkers to our founding fathers imbibed heartily and often. Tipples at breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner were the norm, and low-alcohol hard cider was sometimes even a part of children's lives. New England food and drinks writer Corin Hirsch explores the origins and taste of the favorite potations of early Americans and offers some modern-day recipes to revive them today in her book 'Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England: From Flips and Rattle-Skulls to Switchel and Spruce Beer'.

Monthly call in show hosted by Preservation Burlington

Common Good Vermont: Leadership Vermont - Educational Leadership Challenges 02/18/2014

Leadership is all around us. Host Mark Furnari meets with Winton Goodrich, Leadership Development Consultant, to find out how he motivates others to lead and ways to expand leadership opportunities throughout Vermont.

Pete Seeger Tribute Concert & Community Sing 02/16/2014

Hosted by Rik Palieri, with special guests: Jeremy and Kate Seeger (niece and nephew) sharing family stories and songs, Rick and Donna Nestler of the Hudson River Sloop Singers, Robert de Cormier, Paul Asbell, and others.

Burlington Free University: Does Vermont Need a National Guard? 02/06/2014

Community members, Peter Garritano, Sandy Baird, Charles Simpson, Mannie Lionni and Marc Estrin continue their roundtable conversation, this show exploring the need for a Vermont National Guard.

Congressional Delegation - Student Access to College Improved by Appropriation Bill 02/03/2014

Vermont’s congressional delegation -- Senator Patrick Leahy, David Weinstein, representing Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Peter Welch -- and VSAC President & CEO Scott Giles will discuss how student access to college has been improved by passage of the recently passed appropriations bill. The Vermont delegation’s efforts in that bill – which was enacted on Jan. 17 -- will also preserve jobs at VSAC

Senator Bernie Sanders: Town Meeting on on the NSA and Our Constitutional Rights of Privacy 02/01/2014

Sen. Sanders host a town meeting in Montpelier on the NSA and our constitutional rights of privacy.


Senator Bernie Sanders: Town Meeting on Income Inequality 01/26/2014

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) host a town meeting on income inequality, before the film showing of 'Inequality for All - A Passionate Argument on Behalf of the Middle Class'.  Senator Sanders will lead the town meeting with Vermont Leaders in attendance.  'Income and wealth inequality are a danger to our country from both a moral and economic perspective.  This is an issue that must be addressed' states the Senator.


Tar Sands Exposed - Exploring the Human and Environmental Costs 01/24/2014

Tar sands oil is one of the most extreme forms of energy. The extraction, production, transport and use of this petroleum product has unacceptable toxic impacts, both on environmental and moral levels. In the context of climate change, tar sands oil is a “carbon bomb” as destructive a force as any known to date, with the risk of literally making the planet uninhabitable. Pollution—and solutions—will be considered in the 350 Maine developed speakers tour across New England from January 24th - February 1st. “Tar Sands Exposed: Exploring the Human and Environmental Costs” provides an opportunity to engage around the complex realities of tar sands oil—and to commit to effective responses to the risk of this extreme energy product.

Three primary speakers (each with their own unique perspective on the Canadian source of tar sands oil in Alberta) share their insights:

Shelley Kath, Senior Consultant, High Energy Fuels
Crystal Lameman- of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation.
Garth Lenz- an international award winning environmental photojournalist, whose work has been featured in National Geographic.

Speaking From Experience: Win Smith 01/23/2014

Win Smith, former Chairman of Merrill Lynch International and author of the newly published book Catching Lightning in a Bottle – How Merrill Lynch Revolutionized the Financial World. Win shares his unique insights about the rise of the world’s once largest brokerage firm and the decline of this legendary institution. His book is an intriguing story about visionary entrepreneurs, extraordinary achievements, and misguided priorities that persist on Wall Street today

This event is co-sponsored by BYOBiz, EMC and the MFA program. Part of Champlain Colleger's Speaking From Experience Lecture Series.

UVM MLK Celebration - Julian Bond, Activist, Civil Rights Leader 01/23/2014

University of Vermont Celebration of Martin Luther King welcomes keynote speaker Julian Bond, activist and leader in the Civil Rights Movement.  Mr. Bond also is the former Chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and founder of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.  Sponsored by President Sullivan, Department of Student Life and the Office of the Vice-President for Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs.

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