Sanders Visits with CV Railway Striking Workers 05/11/1986

Bernie Sanders Announces Gubernatorial Bid, in Burlington 05/10/1986

Richard Snelling Addresses Middlebury Young Republicans 05/08/1986

National Rainbow Coalition Conference: Jesse Jackson Endorses Bernie Sanders for Vermont Governor 04/19/1986

Sanders Press Conference- 1 Month till Governor Candidacy Decision 04/12/1986

Burlington Board of Civil Authority - Aldermen Ballot Recount 04/07/1986

Snelling for Senate - Foreign Policy, Nicaraguan Contras 03/17/1986

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Anthony Doria Press Conference about Nicaragua and Contra Aid. (Partial) 03/17/1986

Snelling for U.S. Senate - with Former President Gerald Ford 03/06/1986

City Clerk Jim Rader and Asst. City Attorney Franco Discuss the Tenants' Issue Ballot Item 02/27/1986

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