VT State House - Cyber Security Agenda 07/19/2019

VT Department of Public Service - Telecommunications and Connectivity Advisory Board 07/19/2019

VT State House - Results-Based Accountability Training for Legislators 07/18/2019

VT State House - Criminal Justice and Corrections Agenda 07/18/2019

Racial Disparities Advisory Panel 07/16/2019

Legislative Close-Up 2019: South Burlington - With Ann Pugh and Tim Ashe 07/08/2019

Vermont Legislative Committee - PEG Access Study 06/27/2019

VPIRG Video on S.133 Single Use Plastics Law 06/18/2019

VT State House: S.7 Health Care, S.55 Toxic Waste 05/21/2019

VT State House: S.146, S.7, S.55 05/16/2019

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