VT State House - H.513 Vermont Broadband Deployment 05/09/2019

VT State House Special Event - Prohibition on Slavery and Indentured Servitude 05/08/2019

VT State House - S.R.5 Vermont Nuclear Weapon Opposition 05/07/2019

EMF Safety for Vermont: 5G Presentation Donald Saaf 05/06/2019

EMF Safety for Vermont: 5G Presentation Derrik Jordan 05/06/2019

VT State House - Personal Reproductive Rights 04/24/2019

Legislative Close-Up 2019: Williston - With Debbie Ingram and Terry Macaig 04/13/2019

Vermont State House: S.68 - Indigenous People's Day 02/28/2019

VT State House - S.1, S.2, S.13, S.22 Firearms Bills 02/28/2019

VT State House: S.96 Clean Water and S.49 Polyfluoralkyl 02/27/2019

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