Veritas: Welcoming America's New Pilgrims 08/07/2015

Host Patricia Crocker speaks with Robert Maynard, Web Editor of True North Reports, on the issues of immigration. Sponsored by

Road to Recovery - Preventing and Addressing Homelessness Among People With Mental And/Or Substance Use Disorders 08/01/2015

Road to Recovery - Preventing and Addressing Homelessness Among People With Mental And/Or Substance Use Disorders

Where Do We Go from Here? On the Hiring of the Burlington Police Chief Part 2 07/31/2015

Host Genevieve Jacobs is joined by Ron Jacobs, Writer and Library Worker, to discuss Burlington city governance needs to show accountability and responsiveness to the concerns of residents, particularly minority groups, in their appointing of new chief of police who comes from two feared cultures : The NYPD and the CIA Intelligence fields. Across the nation, police culture is increasingly a tool of oppression rather than service and protection of community as a whole. How do we shift this consciousness? How does one change and humanize "culture"?

Next meeting Tuesday August 11 6-730 pm Peace&Justice Ctr. Lake St. contact to be placed on email list

Preservation Burlington: IPTW 2015 Workshop 07/23/2015

Ron Wanamaker hosts Blyth McManus, Cultural Resources Intern with the National Park Service, on her advocacy work for historic preservation, and reflections on the International Preservation Trades Workshop - July 22-24 at the Shelburne Farms Coach Barn in Burlington, Vermont. 

More information on Preservation Burlington - Preservation Burlington

Burlington Free University: Should the Left Support Bernie? 07/16/2015

Local activists Charles Simpson, Marc Estrin, Pete Garritano and Mannie Lionni provide perspectives on the Presidential Candidacy of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Will the Constitution Inhibit Sustainable Energy? 07/14/2015

"Hot Topics: Will the U.S. Constitution Inhibit the Transition to Sustainable Energy that Many States are Implementing?" A lecture at Vermont Law School.

Feminist Media Review: Host Peggy Luhrs 07/13/2015

Host Peggy Luhrs speaks with guest Aron Meinhardt, a local filmmaker, about the issues of the day.

Hot Topic: Solar Wars at Vermont Law School 07/08/2015

Environmental journalist, Tim McDonnell, discusses the various challenges the solar movement faces throughout different parts of the country.

Conversations From The Open Road 07/02/2015

From the website: "Conversations From the Open Road is a Road-Trip to experience our world in a meaningful way. We are a citizen-journalism, media crew probing the challenging issues and individual stories in our communities." The Bayous crew visited the Channel 17 studios to talk about their recent trip to Lousiana.

Veritas: Where Do We Go From Here: What Would Booker T. Washington Do? 07/02/2015

Host Patricia Crocker speaks with Ronald Court, President and Founder of the Booker T. Washington Society.  For more information   

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