Water Protectors' Victory - Divest From TD Bank 12/05/2016

North Dakota Access Pipeline Water Protectors Victory Ceremony and Occupation In Solidarity With Standing Rock! documents day-long Shut-down and Lock-down of TD Bank North in Montpelier, Vermont

Standing Rock Veterans Present Divestment Petition 12/02/2016

In preparation for Mass Action and Civil Disobedience on Monday, 12/05, petition to VT State Treasurer demands divestment of $193,000,000 of state funds from TD Bank North, a major funder of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Chuck Collins speaks at Unitarian Universalist Church 12/01/2016

Chuck Collins speaks at Unitarian Universalist Church in Burlington, Vermont.
Collins is a researcher, campaigner, storyteller, and writer based at the Institute for Policy Studies where he co-edits He has written extensively on wealth inequality in previous books like 99 to 1, Wealth and Our Commonwealth (with Bill Gates Sr.), and Economic Apartheid in America as well as in The Nation, The American Prospect, and numerous other magazines and news outlets. Collins grew up in the 1 percent as the great grandson of meatpacker Oscar Mayer, but at age 26 he gave away his inheritance. He has been working to reduce inequality and strengthen communities since 1982 and in the process has cofounded numerous initiatives, including Wealth for the Common Good (now merged with the Patriotic Millionaires), United for a Fair Economy, and Divest-Invest. He is also a leader in the transition movement, and a co-founder of the Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition and the Jamaica Plain Forum, both in the Boston-area community in which he lives.

The Road the the White House November 2016 11/30/2016

In a series of classes put on by OSHER at Dartmouth Professor Maynard Goldman will lead discussion and discovery about this year's historical presidential race.

Nadando Contra la Corriente con Justicia Migrante: Episodio 1 11/30/2016

Enrique Balcazar, Organizador, Justicia Migrante, hosts and speaks with Will Lambek, Organizador, Justicia Migrante.
Interviews in the field with Miguel Alcudia, Comité de Coordinación de Justicia Migrante; Thelma Gomez, Comité de Coordinación de Justicia Migrante; Uriel, Miembro, Justicia Migrante.
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Love Trumps Hate Rally 11/11/2016

From the organizer's statement: "For all those devastated by the Presidential Election results, this is a time to come together. We will not stand down and accept a hateful leader. We will make our voices, our outrage, and our support for all people heard. This is an event to show that depsite this election, there is still love and respect. This event will be peaceful and a way for all groups in the community to come out and stand together." About 300 people gathered at a speakout on city hall's steps to protest after the 2016 presidential election.

Woodchuck Report: Bonnie Scott Discusses the Presidential Results 11/11/2016

Host Bonnie Scott talks about the presidential election results, third party candidates, and other issues of the day.

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Western Bombs, Eastern Societies: The Destruction of Nations and 'Humanitarian' Interventionism 11/09/2016

Vijay Prashad speaks on Western Bombs, Eastern Societies: The Destruction of Nations and 'Humanitarian' Interventionism.

Prashad is an Indian historian, writer, and commentator.  He has reported from around the world -- from Colombia to Iraq.  His most recent book is Death of the Nation and the Future of the Arab Revolution.

This is part of the Will Miller Social Justice Lecture Series

Sponsored by:

International Socialist Organization Burlington Chapter • United Academics • Toward Freedom • Global Justice Ecology Project • Will Miller Green Mountain Vets for Peace • UVM Sociology Department

2016 General Election Night Democratic Party 11/08/2016

Interviews and speeches from the Democratic Party headquarters on election night 2016. Election team is Barrie Silver, interviews; Ned McEleney, camera; Kim MacPhail, floor manager.

2016 General Election Night Republican Party 11/08/2016

Interviews and speeches from the Republican Party headquarters on election night 2016. Election team is Matt Kelly, interviews; Scott Moody, camera; Alex Lavin, floor manager.

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