WCAX-TV Story about Deep Dish Satellite TV Network 04/16/1986

Media Conference Workshop - Alex Marks and Lauren-Glenn Davitian 04/13/1986

Gary Sisco Interviews Frank Wilkinson, NCARL Director 04/09/1986

Press Conference with Civil Liberties Activist Frank Wilkinson, Ex. Dir. NCARL 04/08/1986

Interview with Harriet McCann About the "Support Big Mountain Resistance" Movement 04/07/1986

Michael Parenti UVM Talk: Power in the Universities 04/03/1986

Michael Parenti - Media & Foreign Policy 04/02/1986

Lisa Kiley's Indian Photo Books 03/26/1986

Boston "Support Big Mountain Resistance" Rally, with Vernon Bellecourt 03/21/1986

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