Judge Ben: Why the Judiciary Matters 12/16/2015

Judge Ben Joseph speaks with Vermont attorney Vanessa Kittell, on the Vermont Judiciary.

True North Reports TV: Syrian Refugees 12/14/2015

Host Robert Maynard, editor of True North Reports speaks to this timely issue:  'The security risk is being overestimated and the potential plusses in waging the ideological side of the WOT (War On Terrorism), as well as the possibility of intelligence gathering from refugees who are admitted, is hardly even being discussed.'

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A Moral Call - People of Faith Confronting the Tragedy of Gun Violence 12/13/2015

Chittenden County faith communities join together in prayer, remembrance, contemplation, and action with a moral call to people of all faiths to work together to address this prominent and deadly symptom of our country's culture of violence.  This event coincides with a National Faiths United To Prevent Gun Violence Sabbath Weekend.

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For more information on this specific event contact Vermont Representative to the Northeast Justice Council of the Sisters of Mercy, Jean Markey-Duncan:

Every year an average of 31,537 Americans are killed by guns, which includes murders (11,583),
suicides (18,783), accidents (584), police action (334), and those whose cause is indeterminate (252).

Channel 17 Testimonials: Senator Bernie Sanders Remix 11/25/2015

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) shares his appreciation and the value of public access television and Channel 17/CCTV Center for Media and Democracy in light of the organization's 25th anniversary.    ACT NOW!

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True North Reports TV: Another Climate Gate? 11/20/2015

Host Robert Maynard, Editor of True North Reports shares information on a potential alliance between National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Obama administration officials, with a goal of advancing a political agenda of 'global warming'.  More information on this at:

On the Waterfront: Stamp Out Money in Politics Campaign 11/18/2015

Host Melinda Moulton speaks with John Bauer of The Stamp Stampede, an organizing effort of over 50,000 Americans, and counting, legally stamping messages on our Nation's currency to #GetMoneyOut of Politics.  As the amount of stamped money grows, so does the movement to amend the Constitution.  More information at:

Trumping the Race Card - Rodney Patterson 11/16/2015

Rodney Patterson, Author of the recently released 'Trumping the Race Card - A National Agenda: Moving Beyond Race and Racism' speaks to the evolution of his writing this book, and how the solutions offered might help nationally and locally.

Mr. Patterson was the founder of Burlington's New Alpha Missionary Baptist Church, and has more recently served as a primary diversity resource and consultant for a wide range of clients. For more information on his book go to:

2015 VFW Burlington Post Veteran's Day Ceremony 11/11/2015

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 782 places fresh flowers and flags at the Battery Park memorial site in commemoration of lives lost by men and women of the military. 

The Importance of Creating Livable Communities 11/10/2015

AARP Public Policy Institute Expert, Jana Lynott provides the keynote address for 'Vermont's Livable Communities Solutions Forum'.  AARP has developed a tool (livability index) for planners, citizens and others to determine the 'livability' of communities leading to ways to improve upon weaknesses. For more information visit the AARP Site. 

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