Institute For Civic Engagement: Burlington International Women's Day Celebration 03/06/2015

A citywide celebration to honor and insure the rights of all women and girls to lead secure, creative, healthy and free lives. Celebration honorees for 2015 are Cheryl Hanna, Susan Fowler, Rebecca Haslam, Planned Parenthood of NNE, VNA Family Room, Cleophace Mukeba and Robin Lloyd. Recorded by community volunteer Paul Bakeman and sponsored by Burlington College 'Institute for Civic Engagement'.

Judge Ben: Marijuana and Mental Health 02/26/2015

Judge Ben Joseph speaks with Kevin Sabet, PhD, the Director of the University of Florida Drug Policy Institute, and National President of SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana). He is the author of Reefer Sanity: Seven Great Myths About Marijuana (2013, Beaufort).

In Transition, In Vermont: CCTA in Transition 02/24/2015

Host Jim Fouts speaks with Karen Walton, CCTA General Manager and Mark Sousa, CCTA Director of Operations/Acting Director of Maintenance on efforts within the organizatoin at improving upon a 'safety culture', 'customer service', and the future directions of the authority.

Senator Bernie Sanders: Student Town Hall at The University of Vermont 02/17/2015

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) hosts a town hall meeting for UVM students. The Senator speaks and take questions after a panel of four students speak, Caroline DeCunzo on college affordability; Francesca Hall on climate change; Jess Fuller on women’s issues and Liz Amler on big money in politics.

Burlington High School Students Respond to Miss Representation 02/05/2015

The Greater Burlington Women's Forum presented the movie Miss Representation at Burlington High School. After the showing, students share their thoughts on how the movie impacted them and what changes they would like to see made to the portrayl of women in the media.

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebrations: Burlington Rally and March - "Black Lives Matter" 01/19/2015

This rally is being held in celebration of Martin Luther King Day and in remembrance of where we have been to emphasize where we are today (in the context of history) and what we need to do in this moment and the tomorrow's to come to accomplish that dream. This rally is also being held to show continued support for Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Darrien Hunt, Eric Garner, etc., to DENOUNCE our racist INjustice system, and to address the static state of racism in this country.Be prepared to hear truth spoken by Vermonters of color. This is a peaceful demonstration.

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebrations: MLK Celebration 01/19/2015

The Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center hosts poet Donisha Marley Prendergast, granddaughter of Bob and Rita Marley is joined by Jasmine Rand, a University of Vermont graduate and civil rights attorney who represented Trayvon Martin's family.  The Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center's Executive Director Patrick Brown, said that Ms. Rand coined the term 'I am Trayvon Martin', used by supporters of the 17-year old who was shot and killed in Florida in 2012.

The Mission of the Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center (GBMRC) is to increase awareness and provide opportunities to celebrate, promote and support cultural diversity within our community.

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebrations: Keynote Speaker Nontombi Naomi Tutu 01/18/2015

The Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center hosts keynote speaker Nontombi Naomi Tutu, Daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Vivienne Deane Gospel Ensemble, as part of the 2015 Burlington Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembrance.

The Mission of the Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center (GBMRC) is to increase awareness and provide opportunities to celebrate, promote and support cultural diversity within our community.

Positively Vermont: Purple Hearts Reunited 01/12/2015

Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Zachariah Fike, Founder of Purple Hearts Reunited and current Captain in the Vermont Army National Guard, as well as Hannah Doyle, Development Director for Purple Hearts Reunited on the evolution and mission of the organization.

Purple Hearts Reunited was established in Vermont in 2012, locating lost or stolen Military Medals and returning them to Veterans or their families in order to honor their sacrifice to the nation. To date, Purple Hearts Reunited has conducted more than 100 returns and is currently working on over 200 lost medals that need a home. If a Veteran or family cannot be found, a home of honor is located for the medal, such as a military museum. Purple Hearts Reunited also takes time to enroll these heroes into the Purple Heart Hall of Honor and has successfully enrolled over 1000 recipients.

Feminist Media Review: Beyond the Nylon Curtain - Author Gerard Colby 01/12/2015

Host Peggy Luhrs speaks with author Gerard Colby on his recent book 'Behind the Nylon Curtain' about the DuPont dynasty. 

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