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Positively Vermont: steAmfest 09/18/2017

Art & Activism: The Poetry Show 09/14/2017

South End Arts and Business Association Founders' Panel 09/10/2017

Artful Word: The Annual South End Art Hop 09/08/2017

‘Black Dawn’ to ‘Medusa’: A Retrospective of 1970s Art & Film by Robin Lloyd & Doreen Kraft 09/05/2017

Artful Word: Disappearing Burlington Horizons Project Episode 1 09/01/2017

Old North End Youth Center Grand Opening 08/27/2017

Migrant Farmworkers' Regional Soccer Tournament 08/19/2017

Positively Vermont: Stowe Tango Music Festival 08/11/2017

Artful Word: Burlington City Arts' Curator Talk on Diana Al Hadid and Dave Kennedy 08/10/2017

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CCTV Welcomes New Board Chair Jason Pelletier

The CCTV Center for Media & Democracy Board is pleased to announce election of Jason Pelletier as its newest President. Jason assumes Board leadership from Michael McNamara, longtime supporter of CCTV and Channel 17 producer who served as Board President from 2013.


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