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Art & Activism: The Poetry Show - With Kylie Dally & Corrine Yonce 06/08/2017

Positively Vermont: Vermont Quilt Festival 06/08/2017

Artful Word: Burlington Jazz Fest - Joe Moore 06/03/2017

Artful Word: Memorial Day Remembrances in Burlington 05/29/2017

Artful Word: History Tour of Burlington's Lakeview Cemetery 05/27/2017

Positively Vermont: Billings Farm and Rural History Museum 05/17/2017

Art & Activism: The Poetry Show 05/11/2017

Artful Word: Brickwork Studios First Friday 05/07/2017

Artful Word: Lake Waves and Wind 05/06/2017

South Burlington City Center for the Arts 04/21/2017

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