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Burlington FY20 Budget Presentations - Part 1 05/15/2019

Woodchuck Report: The Student Debt "Crisis" 05/10/2019

The Science of Effective Prevention: Environmental Impact and Local Control 05/06/2019

The Science of Effective Prevention: Media Matters and Prevention 05/06/2019

South Burlington City Council 05/06/2019

Video Intro for Kenyan Conference 05/06/2019

Waterfront Tower: Moran Redevelopment Phase II Concept 04/30/2019

Burlington City Council 04/29/2019

RAD-TV Presents: Slavery, Reparations, and the Profits of Legalized Cannabis 04/26/2019

Education and Enrichment for Everyone: The Chase - Lake Champlain’s Rum Runners & Boat Patrol 04/26/2019

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PEG TV Public Hearing

MONDAY, OCTOBER 21st: Share your thoughts on the value of PEG access channels and services to Vermont communities, the costs of such programming and services, and funding options to support programming and services at a PEG TV Public Hearing on October 21st.


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