Economy & Business

Anthony Pollina and Highgate Farmers Discuss Agriculture Issues 07/06/1988

Opening of the Burlington Community Boathouse 07/03/1988

Burlington's Municipal Programming: Burlington's Municipal Programming, AE182-XP 05/13/1988

The Development Show: Murray Bookchin Provides a Leftist Perspective About Planning and Urban Ecology 04/07/1988

The Development Show: Sanders Comments on the Proposed Williston Pyramid Mall 03/29/1988

Economist Harry Magdoff UVM Lecture – The Stock Market Crash 02/16/1988

Lt. Gov. Howard Dean re the Impact of Pyramid Mall 01/14/1988

Chuck Williams (Montpelier on the Move) re the Impact of Pyramid Mall 01/14/1988

Burlington Community Boathouse Design Press Conference 12/30/1987

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