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CSWD Solid Waste Video 11/02/1988

CEDO Director Peter Clavelle Explains the Importance of the Waterfront Bond Vote 10/20/1988

CBS 60 Minutes News Team with Bernie Sanders at Klein Farm 10/06/1988

Burlington Waterfront Infrastructure Proposal 09/07/1988

Anthony Pollina and Highgate Farmers Discuss Agriculture Issues 07/06/1988

Opening of the Burlington Community Boathouse 07/03/1988

Burlington's Municipal Programming: Burlington's Municipal Programming, AE182-XP 05/13/1988

The Development Show: Murray Bookchin Provides a Leftist Perspective About Planning and Urban Ecology 04/07/1988

The Development Show: Sanders Comments on the Proposed Williston Pyramid Mall 03/29/1988

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PEG TV Public Hearing

MONDAY, OCTOBER 21st: Share your thoughts on the value of PEG access channels and services to Vermont communities, the costs of such programming and services, and funding options to support programming and services at a PEG TV Public Hearing on October 21st.


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