Vermont Access Network (VAN): Vermont: A State of Change- Education Funding 10/01/2008

If you want to purchase of copy pf this program, please call (802) 362-7070.

PSA Contest: Healthy City Youth Farm Rap 10/01/2008

Healthy City Rapper, Keith LaFountaine tells us about local foods hip hoppy qualities. this rap was played in local schools as part of a healthy cities local foods day. Healthy Cities grows and sells food to the Burlington School sfood System as well as at farmers markets and csas.

PSA Contest: HIV/AIDS Stigma PSA 10/01/2008

A video about the stigma that people face when approaching a diagnosis of AIDS or HIV. Part of a VT Cares Campaign. Created by community volunteer, Roy Belcher.

Legislative Update with Jason P. Lorber 09/26/2008

Jason Lorber and Philip Baruth discuss some of the sweepin legislation that was passed this last session in the House.

Driving While Black: Do Police Pass the Test? 09/26/2008

Dr. Patrick Mason speaks on biased policing against racial and ethnic minorities. Dr. Mason is a Professor of Economics and Director, African American Studies Program at Florida State University.  Sponsored by Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity, UVM, and Uncommon Alliance.

PSA Contest: Dry Hydrants PSA 09/24/2008

Fire protection and dry hydrant safety PSA.

Vermont Rural Fire Protection Task Force The mission of the Vermont Rural Fire Protection Task Force is to enhance personal, family and property security against fire loss in Vermont by coordinating individual, public and private resources to assist rural fire departments to improve their fire protection capabilities.



Women's Small Business Program 09/23/2008

Lorna Lyon speaks with Kat Clear, Ali Marchildon and Laura Cheney on the results and benefits of the Women's Small Business Program.

School Facilities Engineering Report 09/19/2008

Press conference of Burlington School Officials releasing independent engineering report identifying major concerns of code compliance, equipment age and effeciency of systems.  Master Plan info:

Al Jazeera and BT- How Free is Free Speech? 09/17/2008

Defenders Council of Vermont sponsored 'Constitution Day' event on 'How Free is Free Speech?', with Fred Huthison, MBA, political advisor, columnist for 'Renew America'. Moderator, Deborah Bucknam Esq..  info:

Burlington School District Bond - Phase I 09/11/2008

Burlington School Board Chair, Superintendent Collins, Architect Lindberg and Facilities Director present the Phase I request for the District's Master Plan.
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