On the Waterfront: Green Mountain Care 01/07/2015

Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Peter Sterling of Vermont Leads on the timely discussion of the financing package for single payer as well as the plans for cost sharing and benefit package, all to be proposed by the Governor by January 28th.

Under the Dome: Health Reform Oversight Committee Part 2 01/06/2015

Health Reform Oversight Committee - January 6, 2014 - Part 2

Under the Dome: Health Reform Oversight Committee Part 1 01/06/2015

Health Reform Oversight Committee - January 6, 2014 - Part 1

Lawline: Superior Court Training Session 01/06/2015


Tom Garrett of Lawline, recording of the Superior Court Training.

ECOS in Action: Benchmarking Community Behavioral Health 12/29/2014

Melanie Needle, Senior Planner with the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission is joined by Kelly Hamshaw, Research Specialist at UVM's Center for Rural Studies, Raquel Aronhime, Community Impact Manager, Unnited Way of Chittenden County and Ryan Mitofsky, Prevention Consultant with the Vermont Department of Health, to discuss benchmarking community behavioral health.  ECOS is a project of

Update of Vermont IBUTWA Initiative (Congolese Renaissance) 12/23/2014

Vermont Ibutwa* Initiative founder and activist Cleophace Mukeba provides and update on the organization and direction in assisting the needs of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Find Vermont Ibutwa Initiative on Facebook.  (*Ibutwa is Congolese for renaissance)

Response to Leaked Healthcare Financing Plan 12/08/2014

James Haslam, Executive Director of Vermont Workers Center and representing the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign, is joined by is joined by Melinda Moulton, Bekah Mandell, Alissa Carberry,and others in responding to the alleged leaked draft of Governor Shumlin’s healthcare financing plan, which if accurate, would dramatically shift the costs of healthcare from big businesses onto patients, workers, and small businesses. December 5th, the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign released a statement expressing concern over the leaked draft, urging the Governor to move forward with an equitable financing plan based upon progressive taxes and ability to pay. Today's press conference reiterates that position.

Burlington Ward 6 NPA Meeting 12/04/2014

Neighborhood Planning Assemblies (NPAs) are grassroots, neighborhood organizations that were established in each of Burlington's seven Wards to encourage citizen participation in City government. Working as neighborhood advocacy groups, Neighborhood Planning Assemblies help improve communication between the citizens of Burlington and City government through regular meetings scheduled in each Ward. Ward 6 meets the first Thursday of the month. Meeting place: Greek Orthodox Church 600 South Willard Street.

Vermont Workers' Center: Communication Breakdown 11/21/2014

Host Stauch Blaise speaks with new Workers Center President, Ellen Shwarz on current issues and then focusses conversatoin with 3 striking Fairpoint workers, Galandrielle Richmond, Ned O'Brien, and Lisa Heisler, all of CWA Local 1400.
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