Step Into Action with the Recovery Walk 09/13/2016

Host Barrie Silver speaks with Alicia Sherman, Event Co-Chair, about the Step Into Action with the Recovery Walk on September 24.

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Feminist Media Review: Peggy Luhrs Discusses Phyllis Schlafly, Fracking, and the Standing Rock Reservation 09/12/2016

Host Peggy Luhrs discusses topics including Phyllis Schlafly, fracking, and the Standing Rock Reservation standoff.

Woodchuck Report: Bonnie Scott Discusses the Johnson/Weld Campaign, Vaccines, and Homeschooling 09/09/2016

Host Bonnie Scott discusses the Johnson/Weld presedential campaign with guests V. Chase, Libertarian candidate for State Representative Essex-2, and Mathieu Bergeron, State Director of Vermonters for Johnson/Weld. She also talks about vaccines, homeschooling, and other issues of the day.

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Green Mountain Care Board 09/08/2016

Regular Meeting: In discussion of Hospital Budgets of August 24 and 25, 2016 - September 8, 2016

Vermont Gas Pipeline Resistance + PSB Hearing 09/07/2016

Part 1: Activists' interviews on Geprags Park Resistance against proposed VGS pipeline (appx. 18 minutes) Part 2: Conservation Law Foundation Mounts Challenge to PSB at Open Meeting (appx. 45 minutes) - September 7, 2016

Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce: Hunger Free Vermont 09/07/2016

Tom Torti, President and CEO, Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, discusses Hunger Free Vermont, Hunger Councils, and School Meals Programs with Marissa Parisi, Executive Director, Hunger Free Vermont.

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Labor Day Senator Sanders 2016 09/05/2016

Labor Day on the Green in Middlebury with Sen Sanders

Green Mountain Care Board - September 1, 2016 09/01/2016

Regular meeting of the Green Mountain Care Board - September 1, 2016

JUMP IN! - RUN For JUMP 08/26/2016

Wanda Hines, Director of the Joint Urban Ministry Project (JUMP), speaks with guest and Board Member Kieth Pillysbury.

For more information: 862-4501 |

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