Mira Niagolova, Filmmaker 03/09/2014

Navicate student and Channel 17 Intern, Deborah Katsuva interviews filmmaker Mira Niagolova about her recent project, 'Welcome to Vermont, Four stories of Resettled Identity.'

Preservation Burlington: Corin Hirsch - Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England 02/27/2014

Colonial New England was awash in ales, beers, wines, cider and spirits. Everyone from teenage farmworkers to our founding fathers imbibed heartily and often. Tipples at breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner were the norm, and low-alcohol hard cider was sometimes even a part of children's lives. New England food and drinks writer Corin Hirsch explores the origins and taste of the favorite potations of early Americans and offers some modern-day recipes to revive them today in her book 'Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England: From Flips and Rattle-Skulls to Switchel and Spruce Beer'.

Monthly call in show hosted by Preservation Burlington

Pete Seeger Tribute Concert & Community Sing 02/16/2014

Hosted by Rik Palieri, with special guests: Jeremy and Kate Seeger (niece and nephew) sharing family stories and songs, Rick and Donna Nestler of the Hudson River Sloop Singers, Robert de Cormier, Paul Asbell, and others.

Ethan Allen Homestead Enrichment Program: From Rebellion to Revolution: The Case of Vermont 02/16/2014

When the Minutemen assembled at Lexington and Concord, did they know that they were firing the first shots in a struggle that would lead to the dissolution of the union between Great Britain and her American Colonies? Most historic records indicate that most rebels hoped for reconciliation with the Crown, yet the purpose of the struggle changed.

What is the historical distinction between a revolution and a rebellion? While on the surface, they may often describe the same acts, the results of the actions often makes the distinction. Museum Director Daniel O'Neil explores the motivations behind many of the players in Vermont's Revolutionary Struggle, and how they changed from rebels to revolutionaries.

For more information, contact the Ethan Homestead Museum at www.ethanallenhomestead.org or call 802.865-4556

Local Media Show: Aliceheimer's: Comics, Medicine & Healing 02/04/2014

Anthropologist and local writer, Dana Walrath talks about her new book Aliceheimer's: Through the Looking Glass, a graphic novel about her mother's journey with Alzheimer's. She'll also talk about her recent trip to Armenia, where she worked with and studied the country's aging population.

Learn more about her work at http://danawalrath.wordpress.com/

Preservation Burlington: Saint Albans House Redevelopment Update 01/23/2014

Guest Host Jacob Mushlin speaks with Jim Cameron of Green Dolphin LLC and a developer who is successfully using the State and Federal Historic Tax Credits to redevelop the Saint Albans House historic hotel. Jim shared the start of the project last year and shares an update in this show. Monthly call in show hosted by Preservation BurlingtonMonthly call in show hosted by Preservation Burlington

Situation in South Sudan January of 2014 01/20/2014

Members of the Sudanese community living in Vermont speak about the current situation of conflict in South Sudan.  Panelists are,  Chol Dhoor; Peter Keny and Darius Jonathan.  
From Wikipedia: "South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July 2011, following a referendum that passed with 98.83% of the vote.[11][12] It is a United Nations member state,[13][14] a member state of theAfrican Union,[15] and a member state of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development.[16] In July 2012, South Sudan signed the Geneva Conventions.[17] South Sudan has suffered internal conflict since its independence."

Ethan Allen Homestead Enrichment Program: All Rise: Standing up to Vermont Judicial History - Paul Gillies 01/19/2014

A look at historical, unusual, (and at times comical) Vermont court cases from 1779 to the present, which have laid the foundation for our judicial system of today. Presented by author and lawyer, Paul Gillies.

For more information, contact the Ethan Homestead Museum at www.ethanallenhomestead.org or call 802.865-4556

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebrations: Sharon Robinson 01/19/2014

The Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center hosts Sharon Robinson, daughter of sports and civil rights legend Jackie Robinson as keynote for the annual MLK celebration, including a special tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Sharon Robinson is the educational consultant for Major League Baseball. She manages Breaking Barriers: In Sports, In Life
a baseball-themed national character education curriculum that helps empower students to face obstacles in their lives. The program includes a national essay contest for students in grades 4-9 and throughout MLB's RBI program. Each year, thousands of students write an essay about how they used the values demonstrated by Jackie Robinson to overcome their challenges. Essay winners are celebrated in their schools and in Major League ballparks. Since 1997, the program has reached over 22 million students and 2.9 million educators.

Ethan Allen Homestead Enrichment Program: Founding Documents: The Articles of Confederation and The Constitution 11/17/2013

Professor Mark Stoler from the University of Vermont speaks on these two groundbreaking documents, and their impact on American and Vermont History. Presented by Ethan Allen Homestead Museum and supported by a Vermont Humanities Council grant.

For more information, contact the Ethan Homestead Museum at www.ethanallenhomestead.org or call 802.865-4556

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