Vermont Historical Society, Battle of Hubbardton 07/11/2015

VHS 2nd Saturday, Bruce Venter, Historian.

Sandy Baird Commentary: The Fourth of July 07/09/2015

Community activist and lawyer, Sandy Baird offers commentary on "The Fourth of July."

Conversations From The Open Road 07/02/2015

From the website: "Conversations From the Open Road is a Road-Trip to experience our world in a meaningful way. We are a citizen-journalism, media crew probing the challenging issues and individual stories in our communities." The Bayous crew visited the Channel 17 studios to talk about their recent trip to Lousiana.

Burlington Peace and Justice: A Participatory Reading of Frederick Douglass’ “The Meaning of the 4th of July for the Negro” 07/02/2015

The Burlington Peace & Justice Center presents a Participatory Reading of Frederick Douglass’ “The Meaning of the 4th of July for the Negro" on the 163rd anniversary (July 5, 1852) at Burlington City Hall. As a community event, they invite you to reconsider the meaning of freedom and racial justice through a historical lens as we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day. Copies of the speech will be provided and audience members are encouraged to partake in the shared reading of this influential speech.  

For more information or to be involved in the planning as a community member, group or organization please contact Kyle at 863-2345 ext 6 or program@pjcvt.org or kyle@pjcvt.org. Everyone welcome. Click here for the medium version of the speech (this is the version we will be reading at this event).

Sandy Baird Commentary: Sandy Baird Commentary: A Trip to America 06/29/2015

Community activist and lawyer, Sandy Baird offers commentary on "A Trip to America."

In the World of Winooski: French Heritage Festival - City's Major Projects this Summer - Wonderful Winooski! 06/23/2015

Steve Norman from the French Heritage Festival, is joined by Rita Martel from the Winooski Historical Society speak to the upcoming festival. Mayor Seth Leonard provides a Quick City Update and is then joined by Peter Wernsdorfer, the Winooski Director of Public Works, to discuss the department's major project list for the summer. For more information: www.winooskivt.org and follow Winooski on Facebook.

Ethan Allen Homestead Enrichment Program: Coin Silver in Vermont - David Perrin 06/21/2015

Due to a scarcity of silver in early America, silver smiths often melted down coins to obtain the raw materials needed to produce silver spoons; hence the term “coin silver”. David Perrin, author of “Coin Silver – Is it a Vermont Mark?”, discusses the origin of the process. Emphasis is placed on Vermont silver spoons made in early Burlington. This talk is of interest to both history buffs and those who enjoy collectibles.

For more information, contact the Ethan Homestead Museum at www.ethanallenhomestead.org or call 802.865-4556. Follow on Facebook.

Lifting the Lost Shul Mural at Ohavi Zedek 05/28/2015

Watch the lifting of the Lost Shul Mural at it's new home at Ohavi Zedek Synagogue on North Prospect Street.  The historic 1910 mural, representative of traditional Eastern European Jewish art, was painted by Lithuanian immigrant Ben Zion Black. More information at: http://www.lostshulmural.org

Vermont Ibutwa Initiative - Towards Peace in Eastern Congo 05/27/2015

Kyendamina Cleophace Mukeba, Activist and Founder of the Vermont Ibutwa Initiative, shares insights into his upcoming return to the Democratic Republic of Congo this summer and the implications of efforts of the Ibutwa Initative.  Cleophace also provides background to the historyof conflict in the Democratice Republic of Congo, and human kinds responsibility to address the causes of this continuing crisis.  www.facebook.com/ibutwa

Essex Memorial Day Parade 05/23/2015

Essex Memorial Day Parade Committee is proud to be the sponsor of the Annual Memorial Day Parade and Memorial Service. The event brings the community of Essex Junction and Essex together to honor those men and women who served our country.

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