Artful Word: Durga Puja - Community Gathering 09/27/2014

James Gero's video of this ceremonial event led by Arunima Dasgupta.




Ethan Allen Homestead Enrichment Program: Whiskey on the Lake 09/21/2014

Dr Scott McLaughlin talks of 'Whiskey on the Lake'. Rather than risk being caught along the roads that crisscrossed the United States-Canadian border in New York and Vermont, many professional smugglers and others avoided lawmen altogether by using the open waters of Lake Champlain. Learn how these outlaws smuggled alcohol into the United States from Canada and how the U.S. Customs officers tried their best to stop the seemingly never-ending flow of booze between 1920 and 1933.

For more information, contact the Ethan Homestead Museum at www.ethanallenhomestead.org or call 802.865-4556

Ethan Allen Homestead Enrichment Program: Inventing Ethan Allen 08/17/2014

John Duffy and Nick Muller pose serious questions about Ethan Allen’s political and personal motives, intentions and accomplishments, as well as his political and military tactics and their effectiveness, and his place in the story of Vermont.


For more information, contact the Ethan Homestead Museum at www.ethanallenhomestead.org or call 802.865-4556

Vermont Council on World Affairs: International Delegation of Entrepreneurs 08/14/2014

The International Visitors Leadership Program is a State Department program that has been going on for 60 years to bring mid-level emerging leaders to the United States to learn about topics that the State department prioritizes.
This particular group, called “Changemakers: The Impact of Social Entrepreneurship in the U.S.”, consists of 22 social entrepreneurs from all over (Albania, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belize, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, El Salvador, Hungary, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia and Turkey) who will be in Vermont August 13-17th.  Interviewed in this show by Shelagh Cooley are: Mr. Atul Bharat, Group Director at ACROPOLIS Institutions; Mr. Rani Dababneh, Product Manager at Souq.com; Ms. Taizir Ajala, CEO of Gordon Barrett; and Aliza Napartivaumnuay, Co-Founder of MYSOCIALMOTION.

The project’s goals are to examine the rise of social entrepreneurship in the U.S. and how innovation can drive social and environmental change. This project will focus on the concept of social entrepreneurship as well as government initiatives that support civic engagement and innovation. Through examination of successful models of social entrepreneurship, the participants will explore the impact of new and social media on traditional methods of fundraising, grassroots mobilization and strategic collaboration.

Local sponsorship by the Vermont Council on World Affairs. www.vcwa.org.

Talking With Our Grandmothers - World War One and the Women's peace Movement 07/24/2014

Robin Lloyd and Charlotte Dennett share history of war and the Women's Peace movement through conversations with and about their Grandmothers: Lola Maverick Lloyd (1875-1944) and Elizabeth Redfern. More information at: www.womenstopwar.org  robinlloyd8@gmail.com

Bust of Lola Maverick Lloyd created by sculptor Charles Haag

Preservation Burlington: Challenges of Buying and Planning the Restoration of Old Houses 07/24/2014

Host Ron Wanamaker speaks with Karl Lukhaup PB board member, craftsman and new "old house" owner, along with partner Bess Levison, on the challenges of buying and planning the restoration of an old house.   Monthly call in show hosted by Preservation Burlington

Ethan Allen Homestead Enrichment Program: Haunted Burlington, Spirits of Vermont's Queen City 07/20/2014

Every community with a long history has had strange and unexplained occurrences. Thea Lewis, the Host of Burlington's Ghost Walks, shares some of the lesser known history of Burlington and surrounding areas.


For more information, contact the Ethan Homestead Museum at www.ethanallenhomestead.org or call 802.865-4556

Positively Vermont: Vermont Abenaki Heritage 07/14/2014

Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Catherine Brooks, Cultural Heritage Tourism Coordinator with the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing, Don Stevens, Chief of the Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe, and Frederick Wiseman, Historian Citizen, St. Francis/Sokoki Band, Professor in the Humanities Department of Johnson State College, on Abenaki heritage and culture in Vermont.




Ethan Allen Homestead Enrichment Program: The Antihero of Ticonderoga - Gail Gauthier 06/15/2014

An author’s use of personal experience combined with details from Ethan Allen’s life to create a children’s book will be the focus of this presentation. Allen’s troubled early life in Puritan Connecticut, his role as a voice for farmers in the New Hampshire Grants, and his captivity memoir are all covered.


For more information, contact the Ethan Homestead Museum at www.ethanallenhomestead.org or call 802.865-4556

Positively Vermont: Vermont History Expo 06/09/2014

Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Amanda Gustin, Public Programs Coordinator with the Vermont Historical Society on the Vermont History Expo

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