So. African Envoy Duke Kent-Brown: WJOY Talk Radio, Protest, and Fracas Afterwards 03/07/1988

International Women's Week Speakout for Working Women 03/05/1988

Photographs by Joan Knight of Women at Work 03/03/1988

3rd Annual Burlington International Women's Week Speakout 03/03/1988

Economist Harry Magdoff UVM Lecture – The Stock Market Crash 02/16/1988

Dan Sheehan of the Cristic Institute - “Behind Iran/Contragate” 01/22/1988

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Sanders P.C. - The Ben Linder Peace Tour, with Mother Elizabeth Linder 10/22/1987

VCOSA (Vt. Cmte. on South Africa) Key Campaign, with Phil Fiermonte and Norm Sealy 10/10/1987

CCTV's Friday Night Television: Friday Night TV, E111a-XP Excerpts 05/15/1987

CCTV's Friday Night Television: Friday Night TV, E111b, XP Excerpts 05/15/1987

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