Glimpses of Nicaragua, with Vergennes Veterinarian Roger Ellis 03/11/1987

Dinner in Managua - Californians Visit Nicaragua 03/06/1987

Women's Town Hall Meeting in Nicaragua 01/01/1987

Produced Video “Tour of the United Nations” 01/01/1987

Puerto Cabezas: Our Sister City 01/01/1987

UVM Faculty Senate Meeting, About Divestment from South Africa 11/05/1986

Franco Barid Soviet Trip Slides 10/17/1986

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Mayor Sanders Greets the Caravan for Peace and Justice in Central America 09/20/1986

Senator Patrick Leahy: Guest Speaker Sen. Leahy's Remarks Concerning Nicaragua at Trinity College 09/14/1986

John Franco and Sandy Baird Talk About Their Soviet Vacation, with Slides 09/11/1986

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