Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Sanders and Progressive Aldermen Opposed to Contra Aid in Nicaragua 06/26/1986

Nicaraguan Trip Report- Cleary, Ankeney, and Williams 03/20/1986

Citizens for America Press Conference, with Irene Bodden Leacock 03/19/1986

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Anthony Doria Press Conference about Nicaragua and Contra Aid. (Partial) 03/17/1986

Vergennes Veterinarian Roger Ellis's First Trip to Nicaragua 03/16/1986

Bernadette Devlin McAlisky Talk on Irish-English Issues 03/12/1986

Gwendolyn Rogers Slide Show from the International Nairobi Women's Conference 03/07/1986

Press Conference Announcing Arrival of Material Aid Shipment in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua 03/06/1986

Vigil at Sen. Leahy's Office, Asking for Open Hearings on U.S. Support to Nicaraguan Contras 03/03/1986

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