MACV Presentation - U.S. Foreign Relations #1, with Nick Velvet and Gary Sisco 07/11/1985

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Sanders Talks with European Peace Workers in City Hall 07/11/1985

Puerto Cabezas Sister City Program Public Information Night 07/10/1985

The Volunteers for Peace Program - An Interview with Scott Simpson. 07/06/1985

Pat Peterson Puerto Cabezas Sister City Meeting Promo 07/01/1985

Soviet Delegation Visits Burlington's Peace and Justice Center 05/10/1985

UVM Rally Calling for UVM South African Divestment 05/03/1985

Debate About UVM Divestment from South African Financial Interests 04/30/1985

Paradise Project - Rev. Bill Hollister and Melinda Lee: Santuary for Central Americans 02/07/1985

"Quest For Peace" in Nicaragua 01/01/1985

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