ACM National Conference Keynote 2016 - John Nichols 08/18/2016

Keynote Address at the 2016 ACM National Conference in Boston.

John Nichols argues that America is in a democratic crisis in no small part because of the death of journalism in towns and communities throughout the United States. The answer is a media devoted to the needs of people and a reinvigoration of journalism in our town. He calls on us to respond to that crisis.

Nichols is the National Affairs Correspondent with The Nation magazine and associate editor of The Capitol Times in Madison, Wisconsin. He writes regularly on politics and media for In These Times and The Progressive, and appears regularly as a commentator on MSNBC.  

With Robert McChesney, Nichols co-founded Free Press, the national media reform advocacy group which has championed media diversity, net neutrality and online privacy in the past decade. The author of many books, his most recent work with McChesney is People Get Ready: The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy

Summer Camp 2016: Missing Milk Case - Narrative Video 07/22/2016

The community TV summer campers wrote, directed, and recorded this short narrative film in order to gain experience with video production and apply the techniques and skills they had been learning all throughout the week.

Summer Camp 2016: Stop Motion Animations 07/18/2016

Middle school summer campers create stop motion animations using figures, clay, whiteboard and markers, and coffee grounds.

Public Service Board Hearing 07/18/2016

Comcast Certificate of Public Good Renewal - July 18, 2016

RAD-TV Presents: People's Summit Report Back, Political Revolution Party 06/24/2016

Check out the monthly Rights & Democracy TV show (RADTV). This month we hear a report back from one of the several Rights & Democracy members who attended the People’s Summit in Chicago last weekend (June 17-19th). Hear updates about the Political Revolution in Vermont from RAD Leadership Committee member Kate Logan, who has been part of the candidate endorsement process and a report back on last night’s Political Revolution Party at Higher Ground. Guests include Grant Taylor, Kate Logan, and Traven Leyshon.

Rights and Democracy shares perspectives leading to a vision for a state in which every Vermonter earns a livable wage and has access to affordable health care, and where a progressive and equitable tax system supports an economy that protects the environment and human rights. We believe Vermont can lead our country in a new direction towards happy, healthy, and just communities for everyone.

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Bernie Sanders Welcome Home Rally 06/08/2016

Sen. Bernie Sanders lands in Burlington Wednesday June 8, 2016 to be greeted by a crowd of more than 150 supporters. 

Burlington Telecom Advisory Board Meeting 06/08/2016

Learn more with the Burlington Telecom Advisory Board about the conditions of the current contracts with Citibank and Bluewater Group and the limitations these contracts place on the upcoming sale. The advisory board meetings are normally the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Public Service Board Hearing on Burlington Telecom 05/25/2016

Burlington Telecom certificate of Public Good to run a cable business in Burlington for the next 11 years is up for renewal.

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