Vermont Access Network (VAN): Jeff Chester - Digital Media at a Crossroads Champlain College Talk 09/22/2011

Jeff Chester, Executive Director for the Center for Digital Democracy, lectures at Champlain College's Alumni auditorium on the topic of digital democracy, the role of online marketing agencies, changes to policy affecting internet users and their privacy, neuromarketing, and data profiling.






Common Good Vermont: Jeff Chester - Digital Media at a Crossroads 09/22/2011

CCTV, Common Good Vermont and the United Way of Chittenden County host the 6th Annual Nonprofit Media Maven Luncheon with a special visit from Jeff Chester of the Center for Digital Democracy, based in Washington D.C.

Here are links related to his appearance in Burlington:


Local Media Show: ThoughtFaucet & BTV Digirati 09/06/2011

In the September edition of The Local Media Show, Digital
entrepreneur and online organizer Gahlord Dewald talks about his
organization ThoughtFaucet, the local peer-support group BTV Digariti,
and emerging trends in online activity and metrics.

Communications Workers of America Picket at Verizon 08/17/2011

Communications Workers of America Union members picket outside the Verizon store on Williston Road in Burlington, Vermont.  Watch interviews with members as they describe their position on the issues surrounding this nationwide strike agaist Verizon.  More information about this effort can be found here:

Governor Peter Shumlin: Press Conference with Bill Maris of Google - Vermont Get Your Business Online 08/11/2011

Governor Shumlin and Bill Maris of Google Venture disucuss Google joining with the state of Vermont and national and local Vermont partners to launch Vermont Get Your Business online, a first-of-its kind program in the United States. This new program provides Vermont businesses the tools and resources to establish a website, find new customers, and grow their businesses. Google is partnering with Intuit for this project to help move Vermont forward.  For more information:

Local Media Show: Big Heavy World 08/02/2011

Host Nick Carter hosts Jim Lockridge, Executive Director of  local media outlets, Big Heavy World, The Radiator, and Vermont Music Library and Shop.

Vermont Access Network (VAN): Independent Media Conversation 07/12/2011

Vermont professionals from various sectors of the media world met on July 12, 2011 in this informal discussion to share ideas and generate new initiatives with a mind toward collaboration for the common good. Areas for discussion revolved around Independence: what are the strengths of "indy" media in Vermont; Community: how can independent media assist Vermonters in building and maintaining community links; Collaboration: how do we support each other as independent media? These and other questions were addressed in "fluid" breakouts following which participants reached consensus among and between the groups and made a plan of action for the future.

Local Media Show: Frederick Lane, Author, Cybertraps for the Young 07/05/2011

Host Lauren-Glenn Davitian speaks with Frederick S. Lane, Author of 'Cyerbertraps for the Young'. This groundbreaking book looks at the issue of child safety online from a unique perspective -- the legal consequences that children can face as a result of the use and misuse of electronic devices. It is intended to educate parents, teachers, and school administrators about those risks, and to offer practical suggestions for minimizing the likelihood that children will stumble into one or more of the myriad pitfalls that lurk online.

The American Red Cross Appeal for Flood Victims 06/01/2011

Larry Crist from American Red Cross discusses how to donate to help recent flood victims of Lake Champlain.

Common Good Vermont: A Quick Look at the Future of Media 05/09/2011

Host Lauren-Glenn Davitian speaks with futurist Steve Shepard of Shepard Communications Group, on where new media technologies might take us. 

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Channel 17 Welcomes New Trustee for Winooski, Michele Palardy

It would be great to get more people involved in voting. I’ve stood at the senior center on voting day and I wish voter turnout was bigger. Maybe the media could help spur that on more? Community media could be used for getting important topics out there to the people of Winooski. A lot of things that people don’t know - They don’t know there is a community center, that there is a group against the F35s, general information about the city. Until the F35 issue came up, I paid my taxes, loved Winooski, but wasn’t involved. Now that I’ve gotten involved, I’ve met people and I have made real connections.


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