Common Good Vermont: Making Data Work for You: Spreadsheets 07/10/2013

Amy Carmola with the United Way of Chittenden County, speaks with host Lauren-Glenn Davitian on collecting data and analyzing them with basic spreadsheet techniques.

Common Good Vermont: Making Data Work for You: Surveys 07/10/2013

Amy Carmola with the United Way of Chittenden County, speaks with host Lauren-Glenn Davitian on collecting data with basic survey techniques.

Common Good Vermont: Technology Planning Made Easy 06/07/2013

Peter Karlson, founder and CEO of Neu-Eon, talks about the value of technology planning for nonprofit organizations, furture trends that will impact the sector and how to make the most of your greatest asset: your database.

Local Media Show: 06/04/2013

Matt Kelly hosts Dan White in discussing Vermont's own, which makes local businesses and food more affordable and accessible via local group buying.

Local Media Show: Vermontivate! 2013 05/07/2013

Lauren-Glenn Davitian hosts Kathryn Blume to discuss Vermontivate 2013, the second year of this community sustainability game. Players take on a wide range of sustainability-related challenges, earning points for their town (or school). At the end of the game, the winning town gets an ice cream party from Ben&Jerry's and the winning school gets...a surprise!  more info at:

Conversation on Race Now -Listening to the Voices of Parents 04/25/2013

Conversation on Race Now (C.O.R.N.) invites community members in a listening session to the voices of Parents from our community, in facilitated dialogue
addressing their experiences in relationship to race/racism in their lives. (with audience participation).
Facilitated by: Kiah Ellis, Undergraduate student, pursuing a history/philosophy degree at UVM, Avid, competitive snowboarder, participating
member of " Voices of Youth Restorative Circle"
Keynote Guest Speaker: Robert L. Walsh, noted author, graduate of Colgate and MA from UVM, Bob retired from the USMC as Lt. Colonel,
served as a member of the Vermont House of Representatives, adjunct faculty at UVM, and taught Africa American Studies at South Burlington H.S. His life experience in these areas has afforded him a wide range of experience as related to racism in our state, country and throughout the military world. His stories as a real life witness express the true nature of what it was like, what we see today and what the vision for our future may hold as we explore undoing racism in our community.  More information:


Testimonials for Lauren-Glenn Davitian 04/13/2013

Testimonials for Lauren-Glenn Davitian

Dan Gillmor, Media Futurist and Journalist 04/08/2013

The Vermont Journalism Trust and sponsor internationally known e-journalist, author and speaker Dan Gillmor, addressing 'Transparency in Government and Business in the New World of Social Media and Journalism'.

Dan Gillmor is an international expert on citizen journalism and new media. He writes a column about new media and technology for The Guardian, and he is the author of two books about the way in which the Web has transformed the power dynamic between the public and the media. The goal of his latest book and ongoing project, Mediactive, reflects his “strong belief that we need to turn media ‘consumers’ into active (even activist) users instead of passive receptacles.”

Common Good Vermont: Data Visualization, Edward Tufte Style 04/02/2013

Edward Tufte is widely recognized as the thought leader in the visual representation of data. A statistician, Yale Professor and a sculptor, Tufte's recent work and major publications can be reviewed at CCTV staff recently attended a day-long Tufte lecture, "Presenting Data and Information". Lauren-Glenn Davitian summarizes his salient points, including the six principles of design, web-based and print based examples of elegant information presentation, and the moral and ethical nature of presenting and consuming non-fiction data and information.

Local Media Show: Tribute to Doug Chioffi. Data Visualization 04/02/2013

Lauren-Glenn Davitian hosts the local media show interviewing media makers, creators and consummers as well as introducing the audience to new media information.  This month we tribute long time friend of Channel 17, Doug Chioffi who passed away at the age of 67 on March 9, 2013.  Doug worked passionately at Channel 17 as a field producer for a number of years and then contnued to be one of the most ardent viewers of channel 17 programming for years on. His missing presence is felt.

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