Dr. Lowell Monke - Tweet, Text TV: Parenting in a New Paradigm 03/11/2011

Dr. Lowell Monke outlines the impact of digital technologies on young children and teenagers. He offers guidance for parents who want to set reasonable boundaries and educate children so they can be masters of media (rather than be mastered by it). See also: "I'm So Full I'm Empty: Becoming Competent within our Consumer Culture". Dr. Monke's talk is part of the Lake Champlain Waldorf School's Life of the Child Conference held on March 11 & 12, 2011.

Wireless Pollution - How Electromagnetic Communication Affects You 02/16/2011

A panel of researchers and professionals discuss the dangers of wireless technology.  From artists being affected by this technology to doctors researching the affects of wireless radiation on children in schools and adults in your home.  Listen to these experienced members of the panel and others on the phone and chiming in from the internet about why you should be cautious about wireless technology.  To get more involved and to learn more visit:

Local Media Show: Social Unrest in the Digital Age - Jasmine Revolution and Beyond 02/01/2011

Host Nick Carter and guest Eli Harrington explore the current political events in Tunisia, Egypt and beyond and how social media plays a role in movement for political change. Tunisian - American, Gouta Carter shares her impressions via phone, of the emergence of a new government in Tunisia and unrest spilling over to Egypt.

Media Maven: Refresh Your Communications Plan 01/27/2011

Part of the continuing series of Media Maven Lunches.

Do you have a communications plan? If so, do you use it? Is there more you can do to increase your visibility and make a difference? Jump start your marketing and outreach work with this month's Media Maven.

Do you have a communications plan? If so, do you use it? Is there more you can do to increase your visibility and make a difference? Jump start your marketing and outreach work with this month's Media Maven.Andrea Learned, co-author of Don’t Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy – and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market (AMACOM, 2004), will give some marketing tips. Andrea is an internationally respected gender marketing expert, speaker and writer. While she focuses on women as the leading indicators of consumer behavior, she also emphasizes that 21st Century men are starting to travel similar buying paths. Andrea believes that storytelling and cause marketing are key ways to present a brand’s facts and attributes to today’s consumer – no gender about it. Andrea contributes to a wide range of publications/blogs, including,,,, and - where she presents her most current analysis of consumer/cultural shifts and marketing best practices. She presents regularly to global business audiences, and her opinions have been cited in publications from Adweek to the Christian Science Monitor and The New York Times. Andrea has a B.A from the University of Michigan, and resides in Burlington, Vermont. Find her at: , or on Twitter: @AndreaLearned. Join us for 90 minutes of stimulating talk and a good lunch (for only 5 bucks). Maybe you'll think-- "we should become members of CCTV!" (We'd love that!)

A Conversation on Race - Community Leaders Speak Out 01/22/2011

Conversation on Race Now (C.O.R.N.) brings community leaders including Arthur Brooks, former Middlebury and Bennington College Professor, Jeanne Collins, Burlington Schools Superintendent, Ali Dieng, a recent Vermont resident, Dr. Fayneese Miller, UVM Dean and Chair of the Vermont State School Board, Mike Schirling, Burlington Chief of Police, into a community conversation moderated by Robert Walsh. For more information: Vivian Mason:, Susan Linskey

Local Media Show: Winooski Refugee Film 01/04/2011

Host Nick Carter speaks with Laurie Stavrand, Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, Winooski City Manager Deac Deccareau, Htun Sein, staff interpreter for VRRP and filmmaker Philip Fass on a produced film about Winooski's refugee population.

NPO Maven: The Art of the Ask 12/16/2010

Almost anything you read about fundraising emphasizes one key point: You have to ask for money. It is unlikely that donors will simply give unless they have a personal reason and seek you out. There is an "art to asking". It starts with the firm belief in your cause, the careful cultivation of your donors and preparation of your case for support.

Michael Luck, a seasoned professional leader in the field of Institutional Advancement with more than 35 years’ experience speaks to nonprofit organizers on fundraising. His career spans healthcare, education and dozens of consulting assignments for non profit organizations. He is currently advising Burlington College as they move ahead with a major expansion.

CCTV's Annual Holiday Party 12/16/2010

Channel 17/CCTV Annual Holiday Party.

Media Maven: Social Media Trends for 2011 12/09/2010

How can we keep up with the breathtaking changes in the social media world? We can't. But we can take a sharp look at what is coming around the corner and give ourselves some time to think about how new and promising tools fit into our nonprofit/ small business communications strategy.

Part of the continuing series of Media Maven Lunches.

Local Media Show: Government Transparency and Trends in Vermont News Media 12/07/2010

Host Nick Carter speaks with Andy Bromage, Seven Days VT Reporter and Mike Donoghue, from the Burlington Free Press on the timely topic of 'Government Transparency and Trends in Vermont News Media'.

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