Vermont Perspectives on Growth #3 ......Extant: Bad Tape 02/08/1989

Northgate Non-Profit Press Conference - Unedited 11/10/1988

CSWD Solid Waste Video 11/02/1988

Plan on It! Burlington's Planning Fair 08/12/1988

Are Pyramids Foreign to Vermont? The Pyramid Mall Empire and Williston 06/01/1988

Burlington 1990: The Plan 05/01/1988

Burlington Board of Aldermen - Waterfront Issues 01/12/1988

The Development Show: Williston Planning Commission, re Pyramid Mall Plans 11/15/1987

Waterfront Ad Hoc Committee Meeting (Fragments) 06/18/1986

Burlington Zoning Board Hearing on the V.N.A. 02/18/1986

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