Politics & Government

Burlington Board of Aldermen - Public Forum re: US Aid to Nicaraguan Contra Forces. 06/30/1986

Sanders for Governor - Campaigning in Burlington 06/28/1986

Peter Clavelle (CEDO) and George Crombie (DPW) Announce New Parking Recommendations 06/27/1986

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Sanders and Progressive Aldermen Opposed to Contra Aid in Nicaragua 06/26/1986

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Sanders-Franco Press Conference on the Building Height Ordinance 06/24/1986

V.P. George Bush for Snelling- Press Conference, Lunch, and Protesters 06/19/1986

Ed Bickford Announces Mayoral Candidacy 06/18/1986

Sanders-Smith Gubernatorial Debate, A Vermont Girls' State College Event 06/16/1986

Sanders for Governor - Bernie Press Conference about Agriculture 06/06/1986

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