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CCTV's Friday Night Television: Friday Night TV, E91 02/25/1987

Sanders/Lafayette Vermont Tenants Inc. Mayoral Debate 02/24/1987

Public Service Announcements. PSAs.: Women in the Skilled Trades PSA 02/19/1987

Sanders/Lafayette Pine St. Business Assoc. Mayoral Debate 02/17/1987

Burlington Democratic Aldermen Candidates, Introduced by Maurice Mahoney 02/16/1987

Sanders/Lafayette UVM Mayoral Debate 02/10/1987

CCTV Goes to Montpelier/Vt TV Net: I.S.B. interviews, with Alan Hunt (VHFA), David Usher, and Senator Scudder Parker 02/10/1987

Vermont Television Network: CCTV Goes to Montpelier #6 - "What's All This About Banking on the Interstate?" 02/10/1987

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PEG TV Public Hearing

MONDAY, OCTOBER 21st: Share your thoughts on the value of PEG access channels and services to Vermont communities, the costs of such programming and services, and funding options to support programming and services at a PEG TV Public Hearing on October 21st.


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