Politics & Government

Public Service Announcements. PSAs.: Women in the Skilled Trades PSA 02/19/1987

Sanders/Lafayette Pine St. Business Assoc. Mayoral Debate 02/17/1987

Burlington Democratic Aldermen Candidates, Introduced by Maurice Mahoney 02/16/1987

Sanders/Lafayette UVM Mayoral Debate 02/10/1987

Vermont Television Network: CCTV Goes to Montpelier #6 - "What's All This About Banking on the Interstate?" 02/10/1987

CCTV Goes to Montpelier/Vt TV Net: I.S.B. interviews, with Alan Hunt (VHFA), David Usher, and Senator Scudder Parker 02/10/1987

Bernie Speaks with the Community: 10 - Press Conference Supporting the March Police Bond Ballot Item 02/09/1987

The 1st Sanders/Lafayette Mayoral Debate (DBDA) 02/05/1987

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