Politics & Government

Interviews for "Sanders for Governor" Campaign Videos 10/08/1986

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Sanders Disabilities Awareness Day Press Conference 10/08/1986

Rick Sharp and Rep. Barbara Hockert Discuss the Public Trust Doctrine 10/01/1986

Senator Patrick Leahy: Leahy and American Farm Bureau Director Tom Harken Meet with Vermont Farmers at the UVM Dairy Barn 10/01/1986

Jane Driscoll - MYO's New 242 Main Political Awareness Series 10/01/1986

The Politics of Taste- Winooski's West Side Deli: Aesthetics and Regulation 10/01/1986

Burlington Aldermen Meeting - Waterfront Presentations 09/29/1986

Eugene McCarthy Visits Burlington in Support of the ERA 09/26/1986

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