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Reasons to Join CCTV Center for Media & Democracy:

1. We work closely with people and organizations who support free speech.

2. We use public access television and the internet to make the world a better place.

The Benefits of Membership:

  • YOUR MEMBERSHIP BUILDS CAPACITY and SUPPORTS THE MOVEMENT! Your membership widens the circle of free speech in our community. Standing together, we attract more people and resources for media education and meaningful TV that can open the door for social change.
  • TRAINING TO INCREASE YOUR REACH & IMPACT: Gain access to a range of media strategy and leadership opportunities that will help you and your organization to remain relevant in these changing times.
  • AWARD-WINNING VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICES: Organizational members receive special rates for video coverage and web streaming of your upcoming events. CCTV Productions delivers award-winning video production services that help you tell a clear and effective story to your supporters, clients and funders. You’ll raise money and awareness with your next targeted video project.

Learn more about CCTV Services and Rates.

Contact Kathleen Swanson our Member Services Coordinator for more information by calling 802.862.1645 x19 or via email kathleen [at] cctv [dot] org. Or, if you are ready, Join Today!

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