CCTV and Channel 17 Internships

September 19, 2019

CCTV Center for Media & Democracy Internships Provide Media Makers with
Meaningful Experiences and Valuable Video Production Skills

Internships with CCTV and Channel 17/Town Meeting Television are designed to provide students and recent graduates with access to media production equipment, hands-on experience with camera operation and video production/editing, and plenty of opportunities to learn by doing.

This past summer, interns Micah Tremblay, Ella Staats, Trace Billodeau, and Dennis Wrest worked on projects that were aligned with their interests, schedules, and personal and academic goals.

Having volunteered for the “Live @ 5:25” show during high school, Micah Tremblay returned to CCTV after his first year at Ithaca College and used his internship to further develop his project management, time management, and video production skills. Micah worked with a mentor, long-time community producer Margaret Harrington, to produce two videos about two local organizations that he’s interested in -- Outright Vermont and Very Merry Theatre. He also honed his editing skills on weekly highlights videos. Watch Micah’s videos here.

Ella Staats had a busy summer at home after her first year at the University of Redlands with an internship focused on video production and editing skills. She assisted with Channel 17 studio shows, produced a series of short videos highlighting weekly Channel 17 productions, created a video postcard about City Hall Park renovations, and filmed a short volunteer recruitment video for the Fletcher Free Library. Ella also helped teach Channel 17’s weeklong TV Summer Camp for middle school students, and edited programs produced by and with the summer campers. Ella is using her internship experience and hours toward college credits. An accomplished musician, Ella also recorded and shared part of her summer performance at Radio Bean in Burlington. Watch Ella’s videos here.

Trace Billodeau started as a “Live @ 5:25” volunteer and, while navigating his graduation from high school and beginning a new job, he also took on some community media experiences. Trace recorded a speakout at Burlington’s City Hall, assisted mentor and community producer Bruce Wilson with recording interviews at the Burlington Police Department barbecue, and accompanied field producer Aidan White to interview COTS director, Rita Markley. Trace’s dream is to work in film and television production and the Channel 17 team looks forward to helping him continue to pursue his learning initiatives. Watch Trace’s videos here.

Channel 17’s internships offer unique opportunities for non-traditional students, too. 

After years serving in the military and working as an entrepreneur, Dennis Wrest is currently working toward a Bachelor's degree at the University of Vermont and is doing an internship as his capstone project. His “Glimpses of Hope” program explores issues such as spirituality, segregation, and racism with important people in his life. Several episodes are currently airing on Channel 17 and Dennis plans to produce at least two more episodes before he graduates next May. Watch Dennis’ videos here. 

CCTV and Channel 17/Town Meeting Television’s internship opportunities are designed to teach participants how to use multimedia platforms for civic engagement, local news/information, and community development. Learn more at

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