Media Literacy Series Wraps up for the Summer

June 30, 2008

CCTV has completed the 2008 Media Literacy Series. A complete list of programs with their video links can be found at

Thank you for your participation as speaker, guest, caller and viewer!

Graffitti - Art or Not

Role of Race or Ethnicity in the Media

Media Free Kids

Youth Make Their Own Media

Advertising Inside and Out

News Media Maker

Images of Motherhood

Summer MustSee Movies

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Featured Story

How Our Friends Open the Doors!

In early July, MMCTV moved to a new location, renting a space on the 3rd floor of the Richmond Town Center. It’s an exciting shift into the center of town, with three nonprofit neighbors also in the building and the library across the parking lot. While hosting our TV camp for youngsters in August, we enjoyed having the elbow room at our new space!


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