Bernie Sanders ETV Program - Talking with Vermonters 01/01/1980

Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Image of Women 01/01/1979

Clone of Vt. Arts Council Informational Video 08/17/1978

"Milestones" Film About America 01/01/1975

Demolition of Downtown Winooski 08/01/1973

Vermont Natural Resources Council - "...so goes Vermont" 01/01/1971

Canadian 'Challenge for Change' Video Media Project: "Rosedale" 01/01/1969

Canadian 'Challenge for Change' Video Media Project: "St. Jacques" 01/01/1969

Collage of Newsreel Images of Dave Dellinger, 1967-1968 01/01/1967

1960s Urban Renewal Photographs of the Burlington Italian Neighborhood 01/01/1966

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