2015 legislative session

Chittenden Democrats: Vermont State Treasurer Beth Pearce 07/06/2015

Under the Dome: Legislative Wrap 2015 06/05/2015

Veritas: 2015 VT Legislative Summary 06/05/2015

Vermont Affordable Housing Show: Comprehensive Legislative Wrap-up - Housing, Homelessness and Related Issues 06/03/2015

Chittenden Democrats: House Speaker Shap Smith 06/01/2015

Under the Dome: Insights into the Senate Finance Bill 05/04/2015

Under the Dome: Justice, Corrections and Institutions 04/20/2015

Under the Dome: Creating Economic Value in Vermont 04/13/2015

Under the Dome: Legislative Update with John Hollar 04/13/2015

Under the Dome: Government Operations Committee 04/06/2015

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