affordable housing

The Housing Show: #1 BHA: Introduction to The Housing Show and the Burlington Housing Authority 03/09/1987

Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) Legislative Luncheon 01/27/1987

B.Y.E.P. Press Conference and Open House, 24 Front St. 01/24/1987

Burlington Youth Employment Program - Opening of Howe Meadows House 07/02/1986

Profile of the Burlington Community Land Trust (BCLT) 05/20/1986

BCLT/BYEP - Ribbon Cutting for New Home in the Howe Meadows Housing Project 01/10/1986

BCLT Interviews #2 - Manhatten Dr., Crowley St., and Pine St. Family Homeowners and Houses 10/16/1985

Evening Forum of the Burlington Housing Conference - Bernie Sanders and Andrea Hill 03/25/1985

Afternoon Forum of the Burlington Housing Conference 03/25/1985

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