Common Good Vermont: 11th Annual VT Nonprofit Luncheon: The Data Driven Nonprofit 04/18/2017

Common Good Vermont: Data on a Deadline: Accessing Quick U.S. Census Reports and Interactive Maps 03/09/2017

Common Good Vermont: Data Concepts for Nonprofits 10/10/2016

Common Good Vermont: The Data Process Mini Module 10/10/2016

Common Good Vermont: Educational Leaders - Making a Difference! 06/25/2014

Common Good Vermont: Applications and Lessons Learned in Policy and Community Development 05/30/2014

Common Good Vermont: Measuring What Matters: Vermont's Progress in a Culture of Accountability 05/30/2014

Common Good Vermont: Measuring Happiness and The Power of Data 05/29/2014

Common Good Vermont: Data, Data Visualization, Happiness and WellBeing Indicators 05/29/2014

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Town Meeting TV Summer 2021 Paid Production Intern

The Town Meeting TV production intern will work on community media projects at the request of Town Meeting TV’s production coordinator in partnership with identified community partners.


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