Burlington Airport Commission 09/19/2019

PROTEST the F-35 Nuclear Bomber 09/06/2019

Demonstration Against the F-35s 08/04/2019

CCTV Archives: 35 Year Anniversary Compilation of Municipal Meetings 06/12/2019

Madder than MAD! The F-35: Pentagon's Newest Nuclear Weapon System 04/12/2019

Toward a Livable City: The F-35 Opposition - Where has it been? Where does it go next? 06/29/2018

Town Meeting Day Election Forums: Burlington Ballot Item: The F-35 Article 02/26/2018

Jimmy Leas on the F-35 at UVM 01/18/2018

Toward a Livable City: The F-35 Question 12/12/2017

So. Burlington Public Hearing on F-35 Lawsuit (2/2) 06/22/2016

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