Human Rights

Migrant Justice Action to Demand Milk with Dignity! 04/04/2017

Public March to Support Detained Migrant Worker Activists 03/18/2017

Vermont Workers' Center: Building a Common Agenda for People and the Planet 03/15/2015

Artful Word: People's Convention For Human Rights 09/01/2012

Senator Patrick Leahy: KONY 2012 campaign comes to Vermont 03/12/2012

Malalai Joya - Afghan Activist/Author 03/28/2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebrations: MLK Day Speaker at Champlain College; John Bul Dau 01/18/2010

This Brave Nation: Pete Seeger & Majora Carter 06/01/2009

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 01/15/2009

International Human Rights Day 12/10/2004

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Vermont Attorney General Posts Privacy Protection Recommendations

The Vermont General Assembly has asked the Attorney General, in consultation with the Public Service Department, to make recommendations on the adoption of regulations concerning telecommunications privacy, the designation of a Chief Privacy Officer, and whether to regulate businesses that handle the data of consumers with whom they have a direct relationship. Read the report.


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