Human Rights

Migrant Justice Action to Demand Milk with Dignity! 04/04/2017

Public March to Support Detained Migrant Worker Activists 03/18/2017

Vermont Workers' Center: Building a Common Agenda for People and the Planet 03/15/2015

Artful Word: People's Convention For Human Rights 09/01/2012

Senator Patrick Leahy: KONY 2012 campaign comes to Vermont 03/12/2012

Malalai Joya - Afghan Activist/Author 03/28/2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebrations: MLK Day Speaker at Champlain College; John Bul Dau 01/18/2010

This Brave Nation: Pete Seeger & Majora Carter 06/01/2009

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 01/15/2009

International Human Rights Day 12/10/2004

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