Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebrations: Burlington Martin Luther King Celebration with Donisha Marley Prendergast 01/19/2015

Conversation on Race Now - Interracial Love...Living the Difference: Emily Bernard - Interstates 11/05/2014

Conversation with Abdullah 09/25/2014

Campaign for Justice: Fair and Impartial Policing 04/14/2014

St. Michael's College: 50 Years after the March on Washington: How Are We Doing? 08/28/2013

Burlington Peace and Justice: We Can Work Together Coalition Against Racism 04/07/2013

Persistence of Slavery in Early Vermont 03/14/2013

Horace G. Campbell - Professor, Author and Activist 09/21/2012

Burlington High School Students Meet to Discuss Racism 04/19/2012

Author Jeffrey Haas - The Assassination of Fred Hampton, Chicago Black Panther 08/11/2011

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