vermont legislature

FOCUS: The Vermont Abortion Law is Bad Legislation - Part 4 08/22/2019

FOCUS: The Vermont Reproductive Health Bill Is Bad Legislation 04/25/2019

Education and Enrichment for Everyone: Marijuana, Poverty, and Taxes - The Focus for Vermont Lawmakers in 2018 03/02/2018

FOCUS: LGBTQIA Alliance of Vermont 08/30/2017

Legislative Report: Democratic Representative Jean O'Sullivan 06/19/2017

Legislative Report: Legislative Wrap-Up 04/17/2017

Legislative Report: Tax Reform 03/20/2017

Legislative Report: Update on the Beginning of the New Legislative Session 01/16/2017

Legislative Report: South End Legislative Report 12/19/2016

Legislative Report: Gun Safety with Anna Niemiec 09/19/2016

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