Williston Selectboard

Williston Selectboard 09/05/2017

Williston Selectboard 07/25/2017

Municipal Updates: Williston Town Update 07/11/2017

Williston Selectboard 07/11/2017

Municipal Updates: Williston Town Update 06/20/2017

Williston Selectboard 06/20/2017

Municipal Updates: Williston Town Update 06/06/2017

Williston Selectboard 06/06/2017

Municipal Updates: Williston Town Update 05/16/2017

Williston Selectboard 05/16/2017

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Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger Offers City Resources in response to Covid 19 Pandemic

Burlington Resource & Recovery Center: On Monday, March 23, we launched the Burlington COVID-19 Resource & Recovery Center, or RRC. The RRC's function is to provide relief to the economic disruption of COVID-19. If you are a renter worried about housing security, a business owner seeking access to federal assistance, a person experiencing homelessness who needs shelter, a Burlingtonian looking for information about City taxes and fees during this time or the federal aid that is coming, or someone looking to volunteer safely, you can get a 1-1 (remote) consult at the RRC and find many resources on the website. For more information, call (802) 755-7239 or go to the City website: https://www.burlingtonvt.gov/Resources


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