Emerald Ash Borer: The Green Menace 05/13/2013

Congressman Peter Welch: Bipartisan Progress on Reforming Ethanol Mandate 05/10/2013

Senator Bernie Sanders: Press Conference on Social Security 05/08/2013

Vermont Access Network (VAN): Sen. Sanders Town Mtg: 'Lincoln Film Discussion' 05/04/2013

Senator Bernie Sanders: Senior Issues 04/19/2013

Combating Drug Trafficking 04/15/2013

Senator Bernie Sanders: Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail - Town Meeting with Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi 04/12/2013

Congressman Peter Welch: Roundtable to Announce Renewable Energy Legislation 04/01/2013

Senator Bernie Sanders: Energy Efficiency Program - On-Bill Financing 03/29/2013

Senator Bernie Sanders: Impacts of Budget Issues on Vermont 03/11/2013

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August 11, 2020 Primary Night Results

For unofficial results on election night, visit the Vermont Secretary of State's election results page. Results reported for Federal, statewide, Senate and House Seats. In September and October, Town Meeting TV will bring you live candidate forums for all federal, statewide and local elections.


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