Combating Drug Trafficking 04/15/2013

Senator Bernie Sanders: Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail - Town Meeting with Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi 04/12/2013

Congressman Peter Welch: Roundtable to Announce Renewable Energy Legislation 04/01/2013

Senator Bernie Sanders: Energy Efficiency Program - On-Bill Financing 03/29/2013

Senator Bernie Sanders: Impacts of Budget Issues on Vermont 03/11/2013

Congressman Peter Welch: Streamlining Student Financial Aid Application 02/20/2013

Senator Bernie Sanders: EPW Press Conference 02/14/2013

Senator Bernie Sanders: Town Meeting on Senior Issues 02/09/2013

Senator Bernie Sanders: Press Conference on Chained CPI 01/31/2013

Congressman Peter Welch: Legislation - Senior Phone Scams 01/28/2013

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PEG TV Public Hearing

MONDAY, OCTOBER 21st: Share your thoughts on the value of PEG access channels and services to Vermont communities, the costs of such programming and services, and funding options to support programming and services at a PEG TV Public Hearing on October 21st.


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