Senator Patrick Leahy: IBM and Howard Center Energy Reduction Project 08/24/2012

Senator Bernie Sanders: EPA Administrator at Vermont National Guard Solar Installation 08/23/2012

Senator Bernie Sanders: Press Conference on the Benefits of the Smart-Grid in Vermont 08/20/2012

Senator Patrick Leahy: Peace Corps Director, Aaron Williams 08/16/2012

Senator Bernie Sanders: Senate Field Hearing - Vermont Gas Prices 08/06/2012

Congressman Peter Welch: House Inaction on New Farm Bill 07/31/2012

Senator Bernie Sanders: Employee Ownership Bills 07/23/2012

Congressman Peter Welch: Small Business Federal Disaster Relief Proposal 07/09/2012

Community-Engagement Governance - Interview with Judy Freiwirth 06/20/2012

Senator Bernie Sanders: Washington D.C. June Report 06/01/2012

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