Senator Patrick Leahy: KONY 2012 campaign comes to Vermont 03/12/2012

Senator Patrick Leahy: New Lake Champlain Funding 03/02/2012

Amend 2012 02/01/2012

Senator Bernie Sanders: Washington D.C. January Report 02/01/2012

Senator Patrick Leahy: Expansion of National Bulk Cash Smuggling Center 12/12/2011

Senator Bernie Sanders: Center for Energy Transformation and Innovation 12/12/2011

Senator Bernie Sanders: Funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 12/07/2011

Near & Far Video, Introduced by Richard Kemp: The Dark Side of Chocolate 11/14/2011

Congressman Peter Welch: Middle East Trip - Oman, Afghanistan, Egypt 11/11/2011

Federal Disaster Assistance After Irene 11/08/2011

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