Burlington This Is You!: Burlington This Is You! E12a 07/12/1985

Peter Burns PSAs and Stories - Clean Edits 07/11/1985

MACV Presentation - U.S. Foreign Relations #1, with Nick Velvet and Gary Sisco 07/11/1985

BYEP - Bright St. Rehab Work in Progress, Interviews, at a BCLT House 07/11/1985

The Making of a Zen Garden on the Burlington Waterfront 07/11/1985

Burlington This Is You!: Individual Programs, Raw and Edits- E9 & Misc. 07/10/1985

Puerto Cabezas Sister City Program Public Information Night 07/10/1985

Federal Food Distribution 07/08/1985

Trick Bicycle Riding, Andrew Musty and Friends 07/07/1985

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