Lt. Governor Democratic Candidates Primary Forum 07/14/2020

Essex Democrats Gubernatorial Forum 07/10/2020

Cris Ericson Progressive Party Primary Candidate in Vermont for U.S. Representative 06/07/2020

Lt Governor Zuckerman Roundtable - Reopening Child Care: Investing In Our Future 05/28/2020

Senator Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders Announces Decision To Leave Democratic Primary Presidential Bid 04/08/2020

Senator Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday Rally Interviews 03/03/2020

Tulsi Gabbard at the Lebanon Town Hall 02/07/2020

Michael Bloomberg 2020 - Vermont Organizing Kick-Off 01/27/2020

A Conversation with Governor John Hickenlooper 03/23/2019

Democratic Primary Forum for Representative to Congress 08/07/2018

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