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ECOS in Action: Emergency Management: Preparation, Response, Recovery, Mitigation 04/21/2016

Emily Nosse-Leirer, CCRPC Planner, discuss Emergency Management with Lee Krohn, AICP, CCRPC Senior Planner.

ECOS is a project of the CCRPC.

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission 04/20/2016

The Chittenden County Regional Planning Organization (CCRPC) promotes cooperation among the 19 municipalities of the Chittenden County region.

Partnership for Change: Restorative Justice in the Burlington School District 04/05/2016

Partnership for Change Executive Director Hal Colston hosts Henri Sparks, Burlington School District Director of Equity, and Anneke Hohl, Executive Director of the Burlington Community Justice Center, on the process for developing restorative justice and practices in the district.

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ECOS in Action: The 2015 ECOS Annual Report: The State of Chittenden County 03/31/2016

Host Diane Meyerhoff speaks with CCRPC Executive Director Charlie Baker and Martha Maksym, Executive Director of United Way of Chittenden County, as they address some notable trends and accomplishments from the 2015 Chittenden County ECOS Annual Report: The State of Chittenden County.

Topics include: Responsible growth; transportation; clean water initiatives; the economy; the interconnectedness of education, income, and health; housing affordability; and a new initiative to combat opioid addiction in Chittenden County. | United Way of Chittenden County

ECOS is a project of the CCRPC.

Family Room Parents and Community Announce Meeting Fundraising Goal 03/24/2016

Family Room Parents and Community announce that $80,000 has been pledged to support the return of Family Room staff.  

From the press release:

Just as the Family Room succeeds because it is a hub for many services and organizations, the efforts to restore its staff and programming have succeeded because of a wide variety of donors and supporters.  The organizing efforts of the past few months demonstrate the importance of the program within the community, and the continuing need for it.  Parents remain dedicated to fundraising within our April 1st deadline--if we can reach $100,000 full programming will be restored for a year.

On March 3rd the VNA announced its intention to transition the Family Room to another organization, or a stand-alone center.  A taskforce comprised of parents, VNA and Family Room staff, representatives from the city and state, and other community partners are currently meeting to examine which of those options would best support the Family Room.  Parents are committed to a successful transition and created a list of necessary components. We look forward to beginning this transition with a memorandum of understanding, in writing, as soon as we can.

We recognize that for a successful transition, we will need:

1.     an intact program with fully supported staff and programming;

2.     a timeline agreed to by all stakeholders;

3.     a consultant experienced in this particular type of transition, approved by all stakeholders;

4.     sufficient time for the sustainability taskforce to meet and produce its recommendation;

5.     a plan for greater autonomy in fundraising/grant-writing during the transition;

6.     more input from staff and families on the specifics of the Family Room budget

7.     a written agreement detailing these plans.

We are committed to working with Family Room staff and the VNA to ensure that the transition will be successful and that the resulting Family Room will meet the needs of the community it serves.  

Chittenden Solid Waste District 03/23/2016

Chittenden Solid Waste District's mission is to provide efficient, economical, and environmentally sound management of solid waste generated by residents and businesses within its member towns and cities of Chittenden County.

Artful Word: Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Celebration 03/20/2016

The Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Celebration shows the public about the sugaring process and where maple syrup comes from. The celebration includes a 4-H Pancake Breakfast, activities in the sugarbush (maple syrup tastings!), and live bird presentations.

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission 03/16/2016

The Chittenden County Regional Planning Organization (CCRPC) promotes cooperation among the 19 municipalities of the Chittenden County region.

The 'Y' Connection: Y Summer Camps 03/15/2016

Y Connection host Doug Bishop, Director of Communications with the Burlington YMCA, speaks with Sara Robertson-Ryan, Director of School Age Programs, Adam Van Vught, Camp Abnaki Assistant Director, and Aurina Hartz, School Age Coordinator.

More information on the Y:

The Y: We're for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

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