Chittenden County

Woodchuck Report: Host Bonnie Scott 11/14/2014

Host Bonnie Scott talks on the issues of the day with a Libertarian perspective.

ECOS in Action: Housing Issues 10/30/2014

Mike Cohen speaks with Leslie Balck-Plumeau, Research and Communications Coordinator with Vermont Housing Finance Agency, and Kenn Sassorossi, Vice-President for Partner Relations with Housing Vermont, on housing issues and the November 19, 2014  Statewide Housing Conference. ECOS is a project of

Community Briefing - 100,000 Homes Homeless Registry 10/29/2014

Over 70 volunteers walked the streets of the greater Burlington area, interviewing homeless neighbors.  This community briefing provides iinsights into the results of those interactions.

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On the Waterfront: Maggie Standley, Artist and Educator 10/29/2014

Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Maggie Standley, Beauty Asset Acquisition Specialist and Owner/Wingspan Studio, Founder/Myrtle Street Avant Garden, Executive Director/Spread Your Wings!,, on her recently initiated program for at-risk-youth.

In Transition, In Vermont: Burlington Downtown Transition - The New Downtown Transit Center 10/27/2014

Host Jim Fouts speaks with Paul Bohne, Interim General Manager at CCTA and Steve Carlson, Project Manager with CCTA on regional transportation issues.

Chittenden Solid Waste District 10/22/2014

Chittenden Solid Waste District's mission is to provide efficient, economical, and environmentally sound management of solid waste generated by residents and businesses within its member towns and cities of Chittenden County. 

Speed Dating Senate Candidates 10/18/2014

The League of Women Voters of the Champlain Valley, Burlington Neighborhood Planning Assemblies, and Ch17 Town Meeting Television sponsor an event called “SPEED DATING with CHITTENDEN and GRAND ISLE COUNTY SENATE CANDIDATES.” The candidates rotate through SMALL GROUPS of 4-6 voters to answer questions on issues facing the state today.

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission 10/15/2014

The Chittenden County Regional Planning Organization (CCRPC) promotes cooperation among the 19 municipalities of the Chittenden County region.

Uncontested Chittenden County Court Candidates 10/14/2014

Incumbent and Uncontested Candidates for Chittenden County State's Attorney, Thomas 'T.J.' Donovan (D/R); Chittenden County Probate Judge Susan Fowler (D/R); Chittenden County Assistant Judge (2 seats) Charles Delaney (D) and Connie Cain Ramsey (D), discuss county court system and initiatives.

Chittenden County Senate Candidates - Group 3 10/14/2014

Incumbents  Phil Baruth (D), Virginia 'Ginny' Lyons (D), Diane B. Snelling (R) face Travis Spencer (L) and Paul Washburn (L) for the 6 Chittenden Senate Seats.  A total of 14 candidates are broken into 3 groups in these forums.  To see the other groups, click: 


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