The Decision Makers: Congressman Jim Jeffords 08/07/1985

The Decision Makers: Lt. Governor Peter Smith 08/07/1985

The Decision Makers: Senator Robert Stafford 08/06/1985

The Decision Makers: Public Service Board Chair Louise McCarren 07/16/1985

Peter Burns PSAs and Stories - Clean Edits 07/11/1985

Gould and Stearns Mime Performance, Fletcher Free Library 07/10/1985

Scots Day Celebration for Those of Scottish Descent 07/06/1985

Strawberry Picking at Barber Farms, Jericho 07/04/1985

Chittenden Women's TV - Peggy Luhrs Interview with Activist Grace Paley 07/02/1985

David Ryan Summation of Lesbian and Gay Men Pride Week 06/23/1985

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