Burlington Board of Aldermen: Aldermen Excerpts 1986-1987

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Burlington Board of Aldermen - Excerpts 1986-1987   Times run from 0-2:00:00

00       Reporter Bob Knotts comments on televising Aldermen meetings.  2:45

3:30    Bailey & Gear.  Liam Murphy, attorney for CV Railroad. 

6:22    Waterfront design presentation by ??.  Alan Yandow fragment.

10:22  CCTV's $200 check from Noregian Brioadcasting (for a Sanders segment)

10:30  Davitian narration for Hometown Video Festival entry.

14:30  DeCarolis. Freyne, Mark Johnson & Jeff Nicholson yukking it up during meeting.  Sanders' shrug to Bouricius.  Fred Bailey. Bouricius. Barbara Prine. Maurice Mahoney, Liam Murphy. 

12:24  Al Gear look. *

24:30  Sanders - Survival chances of school charter changes in the legislature.  Sam Levin laugh.  Assessor talk.

33:00  Public Forum - Murray Bookchin. Tom Smith. Sharon Bushor.

36:00  Brendan Keleher in some committee meeting.  John Franco with a waterfront map ***

41:00  Bea Bookchin speaks to the Public trust Doctrine.  Nat Ayer helps ?.

48:00  Mahoney.  Ayer nominated for fence viewer commission.

50:00  Sanders invites legislators to speak at Aldermen meetings.Joe McNeil. Lund...?

52:00  Huge waterfront presentation on paper on stage, by ?.  Public comment - Benn. Potters No. owner?.   6-8-87: Fenix, Nat helps with mic. Bousquet. Gary Sisco.

1:04:50  Fire Dept. awards.

1:11:20  Sanders' thanks to fire dept.  Another Ayer fence viewer nomination. Nancy Chiffi and Sanders bicker over VNA funds.  McNeil reading silently on micTom Smith and Erhard Mahnke querry a landlord.

1:19:30  Sanders congratulates developer.  Fenix and marketplace taxes.  Assessor? Penrose Jackson. An angry citizen. A guy about Northshore Development. A planning issue, with Sampson, Aswad, Clavelle. Black-beard guy from riverside community.

1:42:00  Clavelle and waterfront map.

1:47:00  Allen Gear.  Clavelle appointment as harbormaster.

1:49:00  Sanders chairs the airport commission appointment: Ackerson vs Gutman vs Jared Wood. Goes to 42 votes, 3 1/2 hours later.

1:59:00  End.......  From vhs tapes: 476, 493, 535, 536, 549, 556, 557, 571, 611

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