Building a Vibrant, Inclusive Vermont

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The Campaign – “Thriving Communities: Building a Vibrant, Inclusive Vermont”

This effort is a comprehensive and multi-organizational statewide campaign to promote affordability and inclusiveness as a mainstay of flourishing communities across Vermont and beyond. Communities thrive financially and socially when they are welcoming and affordable to a wide variety of residents, people with assorted skills and backgrounds. A diverse range of residents helps drive local economies and enliven local business, arts, and culture. Such communities build economic vitality and resilience and help fulfill the promise of equal housing opportunity for all.

The presenters:

Ted Wimpey: Inclusiveness = Building Economically Thriving Communities

“The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s New AFFH rule may carry some “sticks,” but the “carrots” of building inclusive communities will be economically thriving and vital to towns and cities.”

Julie Campoli: Density Done Well

“Many people like the idea of having a corner store or café in their neighborhood. In housing surveys, homebuyers regularly express a preference for ‘shops within walking distance.’ But retail businesses need residents to survive.”

John Emmeus Davis: Diversity Done Well – Promoting Housing Choice

“Inclusive communities tend to have an equitable and sustainable mix of housing types, tenures, and prices. I will discuss various ways in which localities in Vermont and elsewhere have encouraged housing diversity in meeting the needs of their residents.”

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